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Controller display 7 inches
This controller for the power amplifier allows you to control the output power, SWR, current consumption, temperature, power supply voltage, if desired, you can add control of input power, reflected power, amplifier efficiency, for a lamp amplifier control grids, in principle, indicators can be done on anything, on the touch screen you can switch, range, antenna, and other various modes of the amplifier There is control of an external antenna tuner, when the SWR is higher than 1.5, the controller issues a command to turn on the tuner, there is a delay of 30 ms when switching RX/TX, the display of 5, 7, or 10 inches the Controller can be integrated into almost any amplifier, also used as an external device, in this case, the controller can be controlled by just 4 wires, CAT for Icom, Yaesu, Elecraft, Ten-Tec
Price of firmware $97, delivery within 1-2 days.

Price PCB with delivery $21

Price Controller, with firmware, without display, with delivery $237
Price Controller, with display 7 inches, with firmware, with delivery $337

2kW Low Pass Filter DJ0ABR

BOM_file.pdf                       Price PCB with delivery $27

Voltage switch

Price PCB RX/TX Antenna switch $14

Voltage switch

Price Voltage switch $28, PCB $7

Aluminum heat sink for amplifier
the size is (LxBxH) 220x140x80 mm

Price with delivery $127

Amplifier housing kit
the size is (LxBxH) 300x240x150 mm, aluminum alloy
Price with delivery $217

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